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Besides a piano recital or a conférencert, Martinus Wolf brings music to life in a range of different projects.

Think Jazzy – Pianobar

Think Jazzy is een fotogalerij met pianobar in de Antwerpse Kloosterstraat.

Met een groot gevoel voor esthetiek werd deze ruimte ingericht. Neem daarbij een goed glas wijn en verrukkelijke hapjes, onderstreept  door de live pianomuziek van Martinus Wolf. Hét recept voor een onvergetelijke avond.

Donderdag 16 maart 2017

A Night In The Museum – Antwerp 2016

August 6 2016 – Het Letterenhuis
100 years ago ‘ Music-Hall ‘, the debut of Paul van Ostaijen. During Museum night, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the music halls of the poetry of Van Ostaijen. Let yourself be enchanted by the strand Music Hall (1916) by the young Paul van Ostaijen. Modern city life comes the poetry inside, and also the wonders of the musical theatres. Poet Peter Holvoet Hanssen lends his voice, piano man Martinus Wolf and the amazing Annemie van Daele (Les Øffs) their boundless musicality. An intimate and poetic experience
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Hadewig Kras & Martinus Wolf brings classical arias

Classic Arias found their cradle in the Italy of the fourteenth century and got through the later centuries the form as we know it today. This expressive form of singing was aimed at expressing feelings. Hadewig Kras sings with a lot of emotion such as L’amour est un oiseau rebelle from the opera ‘Carmen’ of Bizet. In which she is  accompanied on the piano by Martinus Wolf.IMG_6243

De Eclatante Eclipsbloem, A MUSICAL FAIRY TALE

Jorinde enAfbeelding1 Joringel

De Eclatante Eclipsbloem

A fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm and their sister Kristel

Joringel walked back to the village, Zorgvoorde.

He often came to the castle, but not too close .

And at night he slept on a pile of leaves near the castle of the witch.

But once he dreamed one night that he found a blood-red flower

with a large, beautiful pearl in the center.

This story was told by Aafke Bruining and had a musical accompaniment by Martinus WolfAfbeelding2IMG_6091 - kopie

The ‘Oosterschelde’ on film and on TV!

December 2015, On the sailing ship ‘the Oosterschelde’ Martinus Wolf played masterfully the new piano.  The guests  could also enjoy the premiere of his newest composition ‘Wolf meets Wolfgang’.  This movie gives you an impression of the evening.

Exactly three years after the start of the second world tour, the ‘Oosterschelde’ gets the chance to show the trip was unforgettable.  On 28, 29, 30 december and 1st of  january at 5.12 pm you could see it on tv:  NPO2 -EO. ( Televison of the Netherlands).  Wolf  appears in the first and the second episode.

Ballroom of Broken Hearts 3

Guido Belcanto, Tine Embrechts, Martinus Wolf, Lieven Demaesschalck the amazing Decap-orgel. balzaal III

After two previous editions in 2008 and 2010, both of which may be called a true triumph, Guido Belcanto get the project Ballroom of Broken Hearts under the dust to brush up on a new show.  ” Arranger of service, just as before, was the exuberant pianist/composer Martinus Wolf, a man like no other to explore the endless possibilities of the Decaporgel know and to fuse to an unrivaled richness of sound. He plays in this performance piano, trumpet and accordion.